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Welcome to our Farms

Meet Our Family Farming Pracitces

Our Mission

Farming Practices
We’d like to take all the credit for our beautiful, great tasting fruits and vegetables, but an undeniable part of our secret formula is the rich, fertile Mississippi soil. We farm some of the best farmland in the south, producing consistently high quality results year after year.

That’s not to say we don’t do our fair share of the work. Realizing each fruit and vegetable needs its own special blend of nutrients, we conduct weekly plant tests to ensure a healthy crop and minimize plant disease.

We also focus on planting only the fruits and vegetables that we excel at producing and eliminating any that do not consistently meet our quality expectations.

In the field, we use the latest in GPS technology to plant and harvest in the most fuel- and space-efficient manner possible. We also utilize drip irrigation to maximize watering efficiencies and reduce waste. We grow all our vegetables on plastic which reduces the risk of crop damage in times of freeze or drought. This practice also aids in weed control.

All of our crops are hand harvested, which eliminates the damage that mechanically harvested vegetables incur. We believe the aesthetic quality is as important as the inside taste!

Our vegetables are graded, sized and cooled by forced air to quickly remove the field heat which in turn considerably extends our products’ shelf life.
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